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Brad Swaile...

The amazing one!

Brad Swaile

Brad! <3



August 24th, 2008

So at the Anime Evolution Charity Auction my friend managed to score three prints done by Brad Swaile. I will post pictures of them when I can, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in them, as he only bid to get the Quatre Print for me.

There is the one of Mousse from Ranma1/2 and Lan (and Megaman) from Megaman NT Warrior. The prints are 11x8 (i think) of Brad's amazing art!!

So if anyone is interested leave a comment. We haven't exactually decided a price and payment would have to be through Paypal.

June 24th, 2008

AnimeNEXT 2008

I was happy to see Brad on Saturday. Here's my con report -> http://piscesmaiden.livejournal.com/160067.html

Oh yeah and these two are from I-con 2006 that Brad had attended -> Part 1: http://piscesmaiden.livejournal.com/104157.html

Part 2: http://piscesmaiden.livejournal.com/104316.html

June 18th, 2008

I'll be participating as part of the press, so I'll be doing an interview with Brad Swaile (hopefully. <3 )

For those who are unable to attend and might have questions for him, please post a comment on what you would like to ask him.

^__^ I'll also be placing this on my website, once I get it all revamped.

Thanks for your help.


Hi, Brad fans! If all goes well, I'll be getting Brad's autograph at Anime Next this Friday! Whoo!
Therefore, I have a very important request!
I'm a huge My Little Pony fan and I'd really like him to sign a picture of Ace for me (that, and my friends all think it'd be hilarious, so I'm kind of obligated to do it now ^^;), but I can't find any nice ones D:
So, if anyone has some nice pics of Ace, send them my way please!

June 2nd, 2008

Anime Next, fans...he'll be there.

[Brian Drummond will be too, btw.]

But yeah, I'm already going as part of the press, and this will be a total bonus for me. =D

March 22nd, 2008


[Starry☆Sky] → Aries &amp; Aquarius

Have any of you ever met Brad? :D If you have.. what was he like? Nice, talkative, shy, etc.? Explain your encountah~

I'm just curious. I haven't met him yet, but I would love to in the future. <33

February 15th, 2008

Not sure if anybody has heard or not or if anybody else is going, but Brad Swaile will be attending Anime Boston 2008 in Boston, MA. The dates are March 21-23 (Easter weekend, kind of a crappy date).

More Info Here.

September 4th, 2007

Death Note

DN sleep
Alright, so I've recently been obsessing over the best anime I've seen since Fullmetal Alchemist or Gundam Wing... Death Note. It's been out in Japan for about a year, and is the most magnificent and rich work of art that I have had the pleasure of coming across. A brilliant insight into human nature and a devil's advocate to common, socially-acceptable ethics and above all - the reality of the concept of "Justice".

The protagonist of Death Note is Light Yagami - a compassionate and extremely intellectual student who becomes a vigilante when he stumbles across a supernatural notebook that can kill anyone whose name you write down in it. Light charges himself with the holy crusade of killing the criminals that have escaped through the cracks of fallible human law, and eventually he becomes known around the world as 'Kira' - taken from the English word, Killer.

Anyway, a dub of this show was announced for this fall, and I eagerly awaited the cast list. It came out today:


Brad Swaile is cast for Light Yagami.

You all have no idea how delighted I was (that's the sophisticated way of putting it... more like I squealed like a rabid fangirl for twenty minutes straight).  The same voice actor as my dearly beloved Quatre! Life is wonderful.

I think everyone in the world, all of them, should watch Death Note. Especially you guys. Because Brad Swaile!!! Keep an eye out for this masterpiece in November!

April 29th, 2007

This is quite possibly the best thing ever; a place for all Brad Swaile fans to gather. ;3
My name is Kun and I've been a fan of Brad Swaile since I first heard his voice in Gundam Wing. I've looked into a couple series just because I heard he voiced in them and my goal in life is actually to cosplay each of his characters at least once. XD;
Great to see more fans. ^__^

February 6th, 2007

When did you first become a Brad fan? What made you like him so much?

I've already said why I like him so much in a prevous post (and that Quatre made me become a Bradoholic xD), but I think I can elaborate. Brad is just so... expressive. I love the emotion and life that he gives to his characters. I don't know how to fully explain why I adore his voice so much. I just do. And yes, I admit I've watched anime before just because Brad was the voice of one of the characters.

So how about all of you?

Oh, and I still haven't got around to listening to any of his band's music yet. I really need to do that.
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